Summary of New Hampshire 2023 Regulatory Changes for Household Goods Carriers

By:      Gerald D. Borovick New “interim” rules covering intrastate household goods transportation in New Hampshire went into effect April 27, 2023.  The Road Toll Bureau, a division within the NH Department of Safety, recently obtained approval for the interim rules proposed which it deems necessary to regulate household goods carriers in New Hampshire in … Read more

Bill Would Create A New Watchdog Over Household Goods Movers In Massachusetts

By:      Gerald D. Borovick Massachusetts Senator Michael J. Barrett has proposed legislation which would, among other things, remove regulatory oversight of household goods moving companies, bus, tow and ride-sharing companies from the Transportation Oversight Division by eliminating that division from Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities.[1] Does this mean that movers, charter bus operators, towing … Read more

Summary of FMCSA Proposed Rule on Broker/Freight Forwarder Financial Responsibility And Evidence of Security On File With FMCSA – The BMC-84 and BMC-85

By:      Gerald D. Borovick The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has proposed changes to the financial responsibility requirements for brokers, freight forwarders and their sureties in In Matter Broker and Freight Forwarder Financial Responsibility, Dock. No. FMCSA-2016-0102 (Notice of proposed rulemaking), 88 Federal Register 830 (January 5, 2023). The proposed rule on broker/freight forwarder … Read more

Individual Shipper’s Massachusetts State-Law Claims, Including 93A, Preempted by Carmack Amendment

By:      Gerald D. Borovick A federal judge in Boston recently ruled an individual shipper’s suit against a California-based moving company following his move from San Francisco to Cambridge is governed exclusively by the Carmack Amendment to the ICC Termination Act of 1995.[1]  With this ruling, the district of Massachusetts is now firmly with other … Read more

Summary of New Hampshire 2023 Statutory Changes for Household Goods Carriers

By:      Gerald D. Borovick On and after January 1, 2023, New Hampshire shall significantly deregulate the licensure and rate-regulation of for-hire carriage of household goods by eliminating certain public utility requirements and bolstering consumer protection.[1] What follows is a summarization of some of the more significant statutory changes.  It is not intended to be … Read more

Individual Shipper Gets Significant Damages And Attorneys’ Fees After Arbitration Program Becomes An Issue In Case

By:      Gerald D. Borovick An individual shipper was awarded $133,533.00 in satisfaction of his actual damages and over $18,000 in attorneys’ fees plus pre- and post-judgment interest in a troubling case involving a residential interstate HHG move.[1] The mover was ordered to pay a majority of the individual shipper’s attorneys’ fees, the increased price … Read more

FMCSA Updates Household Goods Consumer Protection Rules Following FAST Act HHG Working Group Recommendations

By Gerald D. Borovick   Changes to household goods motor carrier and broker procedures and paperwork for communicating FMCSA’s consumer protection information, estimating, booking and contracting with consumers for interstate moves are scheduled to take effect June 27, 2022.[1] FMCSA’s Commercial Enforcement Division promulgated its Final Rule which adopted certain recommendations made to it by … Read more

FMCSA Rescinds Longstanding CMV Driver Record Of Violations/Certification Reporting And Recordkeeping Rule

By Gerald D. Borovick   The FMCSA is rescinding the longstanding driver “record of violations” reporting rule.[1]  After May 8, 2022, neither the motor carrier employer or driver will be required to complete and maintain the annual written driver certification as to the existence of traffic violations resulting in convictions or forfeited bond or collateral.  … Read more